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April 2014

MOTOR:Ensure that your tracking device, if it is a requirement on your policy, is in proper working order at all times.

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March 2014

CONTENTS: Always ensure that the sum insured of your home contents reflects the true replacement value of all your contents as in the event that you are found to be under insured, your insurer will be entitled to apply average which will reduce the amount you are eventually paid out.

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February 2014

BUILDINGS: Don’t assume that all wall cracks are as a result of an insured peril. Building insurance policies don’t generally cover damages arising from occurrences such as normal settlement of the foundations. Get an expert’s opinion and take the necessary precautions to avoid it becoming a costly repair.

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January 2014

MOTOR: Always inform your insurer or broker of any changes that may affect your policy e.g. change in risk address or change in regular driver.

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December 2013

CONTENTS: If you own a lot of high priced jewelry items, please ensure that you have valuation certificates or purchase invoices in order to prove the quantum of the items in the event of a claim and to ensure that your claim for these items is settled in full by your insurer.

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November 2013

BUILDINGS: Building insurance policies do not cover damage arising from wear and tear or a lack of maintenance. Ensure that you regularly inspect the waterproofing and sealant on the roof in order to avoid disappointment in the event of a claim.

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October 2013

MOTOR: It is important to comply with the terms and conditions of the policy in order to be entitled to the benefits afforded by the policy. For example, you cannot drive or let the vehicle be driven by someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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September 2013

CONTENTS: When you decide to insure your contents, always answer all questions in the proposal or telephonic conversations correctly and truthfully. Remember, if you have not yet installed burglar bars in front of all your windows, say so as this could affect you when you need to claim.

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August 2013

BUILDINGS:A policy of insurance is either a listed peril based policy or a policy of exclusion. If your policy lists a number of perils for which cover is provided, you will only be covered for the perils specifically listed, subject to the certain exclusions specified in your policy. A policy of exclusions will provide general cover, but will limit the cover by way of listing a number of exclusions.

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July 2013

EXCESS: Always ensure that you are aware of and understand what excesses will be applied in the event of a claim.