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Twitter TipFor more consumer tips, follow us on twitter @ombud4ShortTerm

For more consumer tips, follow us on twitter @ombud4ShortTerm

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January 2015

OTHER When you acquire a new cell phone, remember to update your policy with the new handset’s details. The old handset will remain on cover and you will not automatically enjoy cover on the new one.

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December 2014

With the holiday season upon us make sure that your assets are properly protected and that your house is safe and secure. Click here for handy check list

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November 2014

EXCESS: Make sure that you understand what excesses are applicable and in which situations these excesses will be applied, in the event of a claim. Additional excesses are set out in the policy wording and schedule. Make sure you understand in which situations these excesses will be applied.

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October 2014

PREMIUMS: If your banking details change for whatever reason, please remember to contact your insurer and advise them of the changes before the next collection date of your premium.

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September 2014

MOTOR: Make sure that you have the telephone number for the Roadside Assistance/Towing Department of the insurer in your vehicle or saved on your cell phone in the event of a motor vehicle accident. If you do not use this road assistance number, you may be liable for towing and storage costs.

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August 2014

CONTENTS: Always retain proof of the value, ownership/possession of items being claimed for as your insurer will require this in the event of a claim.

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July 2014

BUILDINGS: Always use reputable and competent contractors for any work carried out on the insured premises as defective workmanship and/or materials may result in the insurer declining a claim or refusing to settle a claim.

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June 2014 Tip

CONTENTS: If your policy requires security gates and burglar bars on all opening doors and windows, ensure that you have complied as non-compliance entitles your insurer to reject the entire claim.

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May 2014

BUILDINGS: Not all insurance policies cover leaking taps or burst pipes. Check your policy wording carefully to scrutinise whether it suits your particular needs and requirements