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Each matter is dealt with on its own merits and no precedent is created by our findings.

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Insuring for the rebuilding cost is to high

Why should I bother insuring my house for the rebuilding cost? It's higher, so if I had a fire I'd just move to another house?

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Same house but higher rebuilding costs, why?

I have a friend living a few miles away whose house is practically identical to mine. Why is it that my rebuilding costs are so much higher than hers?

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Paying for wear and tear dispute

Heavy rain has crept through my flat roof. Why won't the company pay to repair the roof? They keep saying its wear and tear.

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Object to flood repair offer

My carpet and tiles were damaged as a result of flood water. The insurer said they will meet the cost of getting similar tiles and they will sew a new piece of carpet on to the rest of the carpet. Can I object to this?

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Lower cash offer than replacement cost after fire

I told the insurance company I would rather have cash than replacement furniture after my fire. Why is the cash they have offered a lower amount than the replacement cost?

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Refuse to replace entire suite

My three piece suite will never look the same with just one chair replaced. Why won't they replace the whole suite?

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Only paying 50% of claim

My insurers will only pay 50 percent of my claim; because they say I am underinsured and the claim is subject to Average. But the claim was only R50, 000 and the total cover was R100, 000. How can they justify that?

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House burgled violently

My house was burgled notwithstanding the fact that it was locked and there was forcible and violent entry.