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Each matter is dealt with on its own merits and no precedent is created by our findings.

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Property cover

What cover do I have for my house?

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Claiming house contents

What about claiming for the contents of my home?

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Asking my broker

What should I be asking of my insurance broker?

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Personal accident claims

What are the challenges with regards to personal accident claims?

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"Prescription" and "Time-barring clauses"

What does “prescription” and “time-barring clauses” in policies mean?

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Goods in storage

What about insuring my goods when I move or putting them in storage?

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Travel cover

What should I be considering when taking out travel cover?

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Motor vehicle insurance options

What are the options available to me when considering motor vehicle insurance?

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Cell phone insurance

What should I take into account when considering cell phone insurance?

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When can I not be helped?

In what instances can the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance not help me?